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Six Questions That Can’t be Answered with NO

Tricia Sharpton October 4, 2013 0

questions that can't be answered with NO

How valuable would it be if you had six powerful questions that elicited important information from a prospect and it was impossible to answer NO to any of the six questions? How about if these six questions could be incorporated into a simple and powerful sales system that could increase your closing ratio by 20%? If interested then read on and you be the judge as to how this might help your sales career. Six Questions that cannot be answered with NO:

1. WHAT are you doing now in the area of …………..(fill in the topic)?

2. WHEN did you start doing this?

3. WHO is your current agent?

4. HOW did you get started with your present agent, or program?

5. WHY would you be thinking about changing?

6. WHO would be involved in a decision to improve your present program?

What Next?

• Listen carefully when the prospect responds. Make a few notes. Affirm by verbal response and body language that you understand.

• Stay broad and general. Don’t let the conversation go too deep in any one area.

• Listen carefully when the prospect responds. Make a few notes. Affirm by verbal response and body language that you understand.

• Stay broad and general. Don’t be trapped in letting the prospect go too deep in any one area.

• Put it all together.

Create Value Proposition and a Trial Close.  Imagine that you are driving a car and approach a busy intersection. There is a traffic light. If the light is Green – proceed. If Yellow – proceed with caution. If Red – STOP.

Motorist and sales people who speed through Red lights meet with catastrophe. Sooner rather than later. Now is decision time.


(Ask for and receive permission to proceed)

Mr. Jones, may I summarize to make sure I understand your situation? Is that OK with you?


(Point 1) The agent that handles the business account has been with you for three years. GEICO handles your auto insurance – mainly by phone and Liberty Mutual handles the homeowners. Is that correct?

(Point 2) Generally you are happy with the service provided for your business but are uneasy about changes taking place with health care. Your business agent seems uncertain when it comes to the benefit package. Is that right?

(Point 3) Having a single advisor that understands your personal and business needs might help, or at least a firm that has the specialists to handle the business and personal account assuming the pricing is competitive. Is that accurate?

(Wait for a response. DO NOT proceed until there is agreement or clarification)

(Trial Close)

Mr. Jones based on your analysis three opportunities were identified.

1. Determine how the new health care regulations impacts your business and options available to you and the employees

2. Review and consolidate all your personal and business coverage. As the business owner your personal and business interests are closely connected. An example is how to best cover your use of a company car.

3. Implement a risk management approach, especially in the area of workers compensation. You do not like the idea of continually buying more insurance policies and seeing costs increase.

(Trial Close)

Mr. Jones, if a plan could be presented that would address these three opportunities to your satisfaction is there any reason you can think of that you would not be willing to hire me and my firm to be your new risk management and insurance team?

(Wait for an answer. Is the prospect willing to fire his present agents and hire you? If the light is GREEN, then proceed. If YELLOW and person is not sure then ask qualifying questions. If the answer is NO, I would not be ready to fine my brother-in-law, and then the light is RED. Ask for permission to come back next year.)

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