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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Modern Insurance Agents

Tricia Sharpton October 5, 2015 0

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Modern Insurance Agents

Mobile apps for insurance agents are the primary tools that will allow smaller, independent agencies to compete with larger, national chains. They are ideal for establishing and growing a business that bears a stamp of personalized touches for individual clients. These top 5 five apps* are just some examples of the practical tools that can help you to meet your clients’ needs:

  • Dragon Dictation helps you to stay in touch with clients by organizing memos, messages, reminders, and personal notes in a more efficient manner. The state-of-the-art technology transcribes voice dictation to a text that can be sent immediately to any receiver—including emails, blog posts, and social media platforms. This app is a simple way to perform clerical activities without the common hassles of typing. You can become an accomplished multitasker who responds to clients promptly and efficiently.
  • Evernote keeps you organized without slowing you down. It is a great way to record voice reminders, generate to-do lists, and take or store notes. Once you collect the necessary data for a specific project, the information can be shared with other people for discussion or even synced to other devices—saving time and money. This app allows you to collect extensive amounts of data and provides you with must-have organizational tools.
  • LIFE Foundation Needs Calculator makes explanation and calculation of life insurance needs much easier for clients to understand. This app is designed to help determine how much capital a family will need (upon a client’s death), to address obligations such as outstanding debts, funeral costs, and mortgage balances. It also considers how much income will be necessary to maintain the household in the future.
  • My Pocket Insurance allows you to connect with clients through multiple social media platforms and electronic messaging. Your clients can conveniently book appointments and find your office even if they’re on the go. Customer service representatives are ready to answer your questions or concerns about the app’s performance or additional services.
  • Insurance Agent is a more comprehensive app for independent insurance agents or agencies. It enables you to gather and manage data or contact information. Engage clients in a more convenient way by eliminating time-consuming, face-to-face activities like filing a claim or updating property information. Utilize specific tools and reports that are designed to generate more business and better customer service with messages and alerts that help you to stay connected with clients. You can also conveniently assist your customers—the app enables them to ask more informed questions about their particular needs.

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*List is based on available product information, not independent testing. 360training.com does not vouch for the validity of the app’s claims.

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