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You Have a Ticket to Ride: Being a Licensed Insurance Agent

Tricia Sharpton August 29, 2013 0

ticket to a ride

Think about this scenario:  Ten people have to get from point A to point B.  Nine have to walk and one has a ticket to ride.  The first person to point B has a reward – a nice job with salary, benefits and an opportunity for a career.  That ticket to ride is a licensed insurance agent.

According the Insurance Information Institute about 2.3 million people work in the insurance business and job demand is steady.  The applicant who applies for a good job in the insurance business and already has an insurance license enjoys a big advantage. Here is why.

  • An insurance license shows the candidate has the ability to master complex material and pass exam.
  • A licensed insurance agent has demonstrated mastery of knowing the legal environment and regulations impacting the insurance industry.
  •  A licensed insurance agent is aware of consumer laws, unfair trade practices and less likely to make a mistake causing difficulty for himself/herself and employer and more likely to be productive in a shorter period of time.

The job candidate will want to include the fact they are a licensed agent in the resume to enhance chances of an interview and then in the interview show how this personal investment in advanced training demonstrates commitment and desire to be productive for the employer.

There are two licenses a person might consider, 1) a property and casualty license and 2) life, health and accident.  The life and health field is especially active at present because of the changes being brought about by health care reform.  Depending on the source predictions are for about 25 to 35 million new customers will be brought into the health care system in the next 60 months.

This official link with keeping you up to date with the facts concerning http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/rights/index.html

Health care reform is one of the most sweeping government programs to be instituted since social security was signed into law in 1935.  Entire new divisions and companies are being set up and the new insurance market places go live in October 2013 with full operation January 1, 2013. New people getting in on the ground floor are likely to find a faster track to career growth.

360training is your educational partner to help get you licensed.  You can sign up at http://www.360training.com/insurance-education.

About the author:  Jack Frick, CIC, CISR, AIS, M. Div works as a coach and mentor for 360 Training licensing students.  He has worked as an adjuster, underwriter, corporate trainer, agent, and has a wide insurance background.  Jack has coached nearly 1,400 students with 360 Training resulting in a 95% pass ratio and  a 95% pass ratio with 12,500 classroom students.  He may be contacted at AskJack@360Training.com

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